Gears Of War 3 Campaign Trailer

by Adam Cookon May 29, 2011
Not only do the folks over at Epic and Microsoft make exceptionally good games, they also seem to have superb taste in music! Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is the track behind this epic (teehee) new Gears of War 3 campaign trailer, which features the tagline “Brothers to the end”. Hype set to 11, it won’t […]

God is a Geek’s Top 5 PS2 Games

by Asim Tanviron November 22, 2010
It’s the best-selling games console of all time and, thanks to a massive library which includes many high quality titles, the PS2 is also widely regarded by gamers to be the best gaming system ever to be released. We’re not going to argue with those people either, as picking just 5 titles from the immense […]

Gears of War: Anvil Gate Out Next Week

by Aryel Abrahamion August 25, 2010
How much do you love the story of Gears of War? Well if you love it enough to read the books then good news! New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss is once again putting pen to paper to bring fans of the series, the third Gears of War book; Anvil Gate.

God of War Collection Coming to Europe in 2010

by Niraj Shahon November 25, 2009
As you may already know, the God of War Collection is now available in the US but has yet to see a European release. SCEE has now confirmed that the God of War Collection will be hitting Europe in 2010, but not in Q1. Europe has a long wait, but at lease this clears up any […]

God of War collection to come with God of War III demo code

by Asim Tanviron October 17, 2009
As some of you might already know Sony are going to be releasing God of War I and II remastered in glorious high definition (60 frames per second too!) as part of a collection in November. To add more Spartan-tastic goodness to the package it has now been revealed that each copy will come with […]

God of War Collection Announced!

by Asim Tanviron August 31, 2009
Some of you might remember a while back Sony put out a survey on the internet asking God of War fans what they would like to see in a special edition of God of War III; an overwhelming majority of people suggested HD versions of the previous two games. Lord behold, it seems like Sony […]

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Gears of Flaw

by Calvin Robinsonon February 2, 2009
Gears of War PC gamers have been vexed over the weekend – anyone playing the ‘Windows Live’ version of the game has been unable to launch the game since Thursday January 29th. A bug in the DRM software presents the user with an error message. After lots of searching, we found that you can circumvent […]