Rock Band 4: Rivals Review (Update: January 2017)

by Adam Cookon January 5, 2017
Doesn't go to eleven.

Mad Catz replaced by PDP as co-publisher of Rock Band 4

by Greg Hillon March 8, 2016
A series of unfortunate events for Mad Catz.

Score Attack – Amplitude

by Colm Ahernon January 28, 2016
Amped up


Amplitude Review

by Chris Whiteon January 4, 2016
Do you like my acid rock?

Amplitude – Extended Gameplay

by Adam Cookon January 2, 2016
Hey Mr DJ put a record on.

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Rock Band 3 Export is Coming to Rock Band 4 – Eventually

by Nick Gillhamon October 22, 2015
Got to be starting strum-thing

Rock Band 4: The Battle of the Pricks (Video)

by Adam Cookon October 19, 2015
W. Axl. Ahern.

Rock Band 4 to Launch With 1700 Songs in Music Store

by Chris Whiteon October 6, 2015
God gave rock and roll to you.