Overwatch gets a new Reinhardt short titled Honor and Glory

by Mikhail Madnanion November 3, 2017
Honor! Justice! Reinhardt, Reinhardt, REINHARDT!

Marvel Heroes Preview – True Believer?

by Ryan Sandreyon August 28, 2012
It's been such a long time in development, with a few name changes along the way, but we finally got to get hands on with Marvel Heroes. Read the full preview at GodisaGeek.com.

Might & Magic: Heroes VI Gets Gold Edition and ‘Danse Macabre’ Adventure Pack This September

by Ryan Sandreyon August 23, 2012
Ubisoft have today announced that  the second adventure pack for Might & Magic: Heroes VI, ‘Danse Macabre’, and a Gold edition featuring the game and both adventure packs, will hit PC on September 27th.

Might & Magic Heroes VI: Pirates of the Savage Seas Hands-On Preview

by Ryan Sandreyon July 3, 2012
We got a hands on with the new expansion for Might and Magic Heroes VI; Pirates of the Savage Seas. See what we thought with the GodisaGeek.com preview.

EA Announce “7-Up” Battlefield Heroes Promotion

by Sean Smithon March 8, 2011
EA certainly are a generous bunch. Not only is their 3rd person shooter Battlefield Heroes free to download as part of their groundbreaking Play 4 Free model, they are now offering the 7 million punters who have registered with the game some number 7 related freebies to say a big “thank you” for coming along […]