New Deadpool Video Shorts Released

by Robin Parkeron July 9, 2013
Not short on character

Deadpool Launch Trailer & Screenshots

by Lee Garbutton June 25, 2013
The Merc With A Mouth's game is finally here!

Deadpool Review

by Mick Fraseron June 25, 2013
This is what awesome looks like

Deadpool Adds Multiple Personalities- Domino, Psylocke, Rogue

by Francis McCabeon June 19, 2013
What would a Deadpool game- or comic- be without Marvel cameos?

Interview: High Moon Studios’ Senior Creative Director Dave Cravens Talks Deadpool

by Francis McCabeon June 7, 2013
The Merc-With-A-Mouth couldn't speak for himself, so we asked Dave Cravens instead

Deadpool Preview – Break The Walls Down

by Ben Skipperon May 23, 2013
How is the Merc with a Mouth's first video game shaping up?

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Mister Sinister and Psylocke Invading Deadpool's Upcoming Game

Mister Sinister and Psylocke Invading Deadpool’s Upcoming Game

by Francis McCabeon April 26, 2013
More characters have been revealed for Deadpool’s first game, much to his chagrin.
Deadpool - Icon

Deadpool Pre-Order Information Breaks the Fourth Wall

by Adam Cookon April 17, 2013
Getting press releases about the upcoming High Moon Studios developed Deadpool game is always great, because they include some Deadpool-style character.