Mobile Monday – Righteous Kill 2, Jaws Revenge, Amateur Surgeon 3

by Martin Bakeron August 26, 2013
This week on Mobile Monday we're taking a look at Righteous Kill 2 from Starz Media, Jaws Revenge from Hothead Games and Amateur Surgeon 3 from MediaTonic.

This Trailer for Big Win Basketball Proves That Dennis Rodman’s Still Got It

by Colm Ahernon January 16, 2013
Carmen Electra's old flame and former WCW wrestler Dennis Rodman in a new trailer for Big Win Basketball.

Swarm Review

by Sean Smithon April 6, 2011
Game: Swarm Developer: HotHead Games Publisher: Ignition Entertainment Available on: Xbox LIVE Arcade & PlayStation Network (Reviewed on Xbox 360) There are some hella good casual downloadable games available these days, many of which harken back to the olden days, where games were a lot simpler than they are in these times of 3D, HD, […]

New Swarm Trailer: “Unconcluded Conundrums” Released by Hothead Games

by Mary Gooddenon March 8, 2011
A rather crypitc teaser trailer for Hothead Games’ Swarm emerged today. If you’ve been following the game’s development for some time, then its irreverent humour will probably come as no surprise, but if this is the first you’ve heard of Swarm then a visit to the game’s Web site or a look back through some […]

Swarm – Another New Gameplay Trailer Plus New Screenshots

by Martin Bakeron February 4, 2011
If you’re like us here at you’ve been following the development of Hothead Games’ latest venture, Swarm, with intent. When you’re watching the development of any game there’s nothing better than being able to show it off to people, and that’s all made even better when it’s being shown off by Hothead Games’ resident […]

Swarm Announced for XBLA and PSN

by Adam Cookon November 18, 2010
UTVIgnition and Hothead Games have today announced the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network title “Swarm”. Swarm is an action puzzler in which you have to guide 50 bright blue, gullible and downright idiotic drones across a level, sacrificing them in order to harvest DNA for the sake of the entire species. There is no […]