Xbox LIVE Activity for Week of February 4th Released

by Adam Cookon February 14, 2013
As per usual, Microsoft's Major Nelson has published the tables of Xbox LIVE activity, this time for the week of February 4th.

Hydrophobia Prophecy Available Now On Steam

by Adam Cookon May 9, 2011
If you’ve been keeping up with recent goings on at Dark Energy Digital, you might know that the (until now) Xbox LIVE Arcade title, Hydrophobia (reviewed by us here, and a second look here) has been getting the remake treatment, which is now available on Steam, and will be available at a later date on […]

New Trailer For Hydrophobia Prophecy Surfaces

by Robin Parkeron April 28, 2011
With the news that Dark Energy digital are bringing a new, re-mastered version of Hydrophobia to the PlayStation Network and Steam, the developers have decided to release a new trailer for the game which features our first look at some of the new in-game footage. This new release is seen as almost a complete reinvention […]

Hydrophobia Coming To Steam And PSN!

by Tony Windebankon April 26, 2011
If you are a PlayStation and/or PC owner and really want to be playing Hydrophobia on them, you’ll be pleased to know that Dark Energy Digital will be releasing this title for Steam and PlayStation Network on 9th May. But that’s not all, as the developers have decided to reinvent pretty much everything! We at […]

Hydrophobia Sweepstakes Running On Xbox LIVE This Week

by Robin Parkeron January 31, 2011
Microsoft is feeling all nautical at the moment, what with their deal of the week being the enjoyable Xbox LIVE Arcade survival-adventure game Hydrophobia Pure listed at half price – and to really mark the occasion in style, they will be partnering with the developers of the game – Dark Energy Digital – to put on a major competition which will […]

Hydrophobia: A Second Look

by Adam Cookon January 5, 2011
Back in October, we reviewed the Xbox Live Arcade title “Hydrophobia” and gave it a score of 7/10, saying that it was “worth investigating. However, some may find the lack of signposting a very real and frustrating problem, one that may well hamper their overall enjoyment of the game”. We concluded by saying “Downloadable games […]

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Hydrophobia To Be Purified

by Asim Tanviron December 20, 2010
Dark Energy Digital have today announced that their Xbox LIVE downloadable title, Hydrophobia, is set to receive an update which will improve the game in a number of areas. The update, which is titled Pure, will include “new button mapping, massively improved controls, combat, cover and camera systems, much clearer damage feedback and objectives, enhanced […]

Hydrophobia Review

by Adam Cookon October 1, 2010
Game: Hydrophobia Developer: Dark Energy Digital Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Available On: Xbox LIVE Arcade Only “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! About, about, in reel and rout the death-fires danced at night.  The water, like a witch’s oils burnt green, and blue and white.“ Do you like water?  How about water […]