Video: The First Hour of Darksiders II

by Martin Bakeron August 15, 2012
The video that we're going to show you today is a long one, so you should probably get yourself comfortable as we take a look at the very first hour of Death's journey in Darksiders II. Check out the whole video at

THQ Hold The Last Sermon for Darksiders 2

by Robin Parkeron June 19, 2012
THQ have released a full and uncut live action trailer for Darksiders 2, entitled The Last Sermon - exclusively on their Facebook page

E3 2012: THQ Reveal the Amazing Darksiders II ‘Death Lives’ Trailer

by Martin Bakeron June 6, 2012
We were lucky enough to get something new from THQ this year at E3 regarding the new Darksiders game, a brand new trailer entitled 'Death Lives'. Watch the full trailer at

Choplifter HD Review

by Rik Wortmanon January 17, 2012
Choplifter HD gets its wings off the ground in this review from, was it worth the remake?