CryEngine source code now available on GitHub

by Greg Hillon May 25, 2016
Not fully open-source, however.

Second industry report says that PS4.5 is “real”

by Greg Hillon March 24, 2016
Eurogamer confirms Kotaku's previous claims.

Censorship & Localisation – Reasons To Be Cheerful

by Lee Garbutton February 22, 2016
Lee puts some positive spin on the controversial topic of Censorship.

Sequels Vs New IPs – A Call (of Duty) to Arms

by Lee Garbutton February 2, 2012
Are yearly sequels killing the industry? Are new IPs worth the risk? Let Lee Garbutt gives you his personal thoughts on the matter.

Sony Thank Partners For Support During PSN Crisis

by Adam Cookon May 17, 2011
As well as thanking consumers for their support, with the welcome back programme we detailed yesterday, it appears Sony have been thanking their partners as well. In a letter sent to, Sony are very humble in their apologies, and thank you’s, and you can read the entire letter right here!

Bizarre Creations Say Goodbye

by Adam Cookon February 18, 2011
Sometimes the gaming industry isn’t all sunhine and lollipops and sometimes it falls to us to bring bad news. We have no smartarse remarks for this one, but we’d like to say thank you to Bizarre Creations for everything they have given to the industry. We ask nothing more of you than to watch this […]

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Nintendo Secures Deal With Capcom To Distribute Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition In Europe

by Adam Cookon January 26, 2011
After also securing a deal to distribute the recent Nintendo DS title “Ghost Trick”, it seems Nintendo and Capcom are continuing this fruitful relationship with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition! “Nintendo and Capcom today confirmed that they have entered into a distribution agreement for the forthcoming game Super Street Fighter™ IV 3D Edition to be […]