HTC “working hard” to fix Vive launch issues in Europe

by Greg Hillon April 8, 2016
Reddit has been inundated with furious customers.

PSN Downtime Was Due To “Unauthorized Access”

by Niraj Shahon March 1, 2010
Sony has issued an official statement on the recent PlayStation Network downtime attributing the issues to the “possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PlayStation Store through PCs.” Sony indicates that a small possibility that password may have been changed, making it possible to view personal information and use the PlayStation Wallet. Below […]

Sony Advising Not To Use PS3 Until System Fix Available

by Advertorial - Paid Placementon March 1, 2010
Today marks one of the biggest fails in PlayStation history, with thousands of PS3 units experiencing issues due to a system clock issue. The PlayStation 3 was released in North America and Japan November 2006 and has passed four years without the March 1st issue causing an issue. Unlike we previously reported, the issues are […]

Heavy Rain Issues Are “Being Looked Into”

by Niraj Shahon February 26, 2010
Since Heavy Rain was patched earlier this week, a number of users have complained about issues in the game including graphical glitches and freezing. Sony is aware of the problem and is currently looking into “any common factors for people who are experiencing game freezing.” Sony also notes that the issues are present on a [...]