Bethesda iTunes Soundtrack Bonanza

by Sean Smithon January 31, 2013
Do you like games soundtracks? What's that, you do? What about the works of Bethseda?

Mobile Monday – Commando Jack, Rocket Race, Dominoes, Dishonored: Rat Assassin

by Martin Bakeron September 10, 2012
This week we’re taking a look at Commando Jack from Colossal Games, Rocket Race from Big Smash Studios, Dominoes from Maysalward and Dishonored: Rat Assassin from Bethesda Softworks. As usual, you can read the full review of each game over at

Mobile Monday – Mutant Roadkill, ORC: Vengeance, Ships N’ Battles, Tone Sphere

by Martin Bakeron August 27, 2012
This week on Mobile Monday we’re taking a look at Mutant Roadkill from Glu Games, ORC: Vengeance from Big Cave Games, Ships N' Battles from SH Desenvolvimento de jogos and Tone Sphere from Yasu Seno. Read the review for each game at

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Mobile Monday – Platoonz, WordsWorth, Let Us Dance!, Number Thunder

by Martin Bakeron August 13, 2012
This week on Mobile Monday we’re taking a look at Platoonz from Antic Entertainment, WordsWorth from 99 Games Online Private Limited, Let Us Dance! from Ice Cap Games and Number Thunder from NeonBlue Games. Read the full reviews of each game at

Mobile Monday: Peripheral Special – Elite CommandAR, Foam Fighters

by Martin Bakeron August 6, 2012
This week on Mobile Monday we’re taking a look at two games that make use of two different peripherals; Elite CommandAR: Last Hope and Foam Fighters, both of which are developed by WowWee Group Limited with the peripherals themselves being developed by AppGear. Read the full reviews at

Mobile Monday – Brickout Deluxe Pro, Bomb the Zombies, LostStar Tactics, Tanglers

by Martin Bakeron July 30, 2012
This week we’re taking a look at Brickout Deluxe Pro from Jonasson Lochner, Bomb the Zombies from net mobile AG, LostStar Tactics from James Pawliuk and Tanglers from Green Studio.