Gray Matter & Gabriel Knight Creator Jumps on Kickstarter Bandwagon

by Robin Parkeron April 9, 2012
The creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter - Jane Jensen - has started a new Kickstarter project for her upstart company who plan to work on new Adventure Games.

Gray Matter Review

by Robin Parkeron March 13, 2011
Game: Gray Matter Developer: WizarBox Publisher: DTP Entertainment / Lace Mamba Global Available On: PC, Xbox 360 (Xbox 360 Version Reviewed) When Jane Jensen’s first solo title, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, was released in 1993, adventure gaming was riding a wave of huge success. PC Gaming was built around adventure games and the […]

Jane Jensen’s Gray Matter Finally Available for US & UK Audiences

by Martin Bakeron February 25, 2011
Finally, Gray Matter, the long awaited PC and Xbox 360 adventure game by designer legend Jane Jensen, is available in retail stores throughout the UK. Lace Mamba Global today also released the critically acclaimed game for digital download for just £19.99. Gray Matter is the first full adventure game by renowned author Jane Jensen for […]

Demo Of New Adventure Game Gray Matter On Xbox Live

by Robin Parkeron December 16, 2010
A demo for the long-anticipated new Adventure Game from Jane Jensen – creator of the Gabriel Knight series of PC games – has been released on Xbox Live today for your downloading pleasure. The game, developed by WizarBox, was first announced way back in 2003, and is finally due for release on February 25th 2011. and […]