Sniper Elite V2 Review

by Adam Cookon May 1, 2012
It's an interesting idea, rather than make a full-on sequel, Rebellion have remade the original game but added so much to it that it's barely recognisable, but is it worth the discerning public's hard earned cash? Check out the full review now.

New Video Walkthrough for Sniper Elite V2 Released, as Well as Kill Cam of the Week #5!

by Martin Bakeron March 21, 2012
We get to see the upcoming Rebellion and 505 Games' tactical shooter, Sniper Elite V2, in action with a brand new video walkthrough and the fifth, and final, Kill Cam of the Week. Check them both out at

Sniper Elite V2: Kill Cam of the Week #3

by Adam Cookon March 9, 2012
In this week's Kill Cam, we learn that if you are scoping out a group of SS troops, you can avoid unnecessary combat with the soldiers by killing them before they have a chance to attack you.