New Swery Game D4 Is Out On Xbox One Tomorrow

by Robin Parkeron September 18, 2014
No-one saw that coming in their Coffee this morning.

Debatable: Top 5 LOLs From E3

by Colm Ahernon June 2, 2014
Unintentional LOLs, for the most part

Microsoft Reveals Kinect v2 Hardware

by Dan Nayloron March 28, 2014
Looks familiar.

New Fantasia Trailer Features Trippy Arm-Waving

by Lee Garbutton March 25, 2014
Mickeeeeey plays guiiiiiitaaaaaaaaaar.

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New Video Demos Xbox One Kinect Navigation

by Lee Garbutton October 28, 2013
Take a look at how Kinect words with the new Xbox One Dashboard.

More Info on Xbox One titles D4 and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood at TGS

by Matt Suckleyon September 21, 2013
Kinect-powered D4: Dreams Must Die and Max's Magic Marker sequel shown off in Tokyo

Xbox One Voice Commands For Only 5 Countries At Launch

by Michéal Murphyon August 30, 2013
How To Screw Up Launching A Console: Episode 4