Furry Friends Invade Windows Phone 7 with Kinectimals

by Jason Hendrickson November 3, 2011
You will now be able to bring you virtual pets anywhere! Kinectimals has gone portable and is now available for download on the Windows Phone 7! This announcement comes on the heels of the addition of bear cubs in its 360 counterpart, another great asset to the franchise. With Kinectimals for the Windows Phone you will be able […]

Kinectimals: Now With Bears!

by Adam Cookon July 26, 2011
Back when Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor launched, Kinectimals was one of the titles we at God is a Geek praised, scoring it a favourable 8/10. That said, this announcement is a little surprising, though it is nice to see Microsoft getting behind Kinect, and doing things like this! Cuddly cubs are back and ready to play! […]

God is a Geek Podcast Season 2 Episode 4

by Adam Cookon December 6, 2010
Season 2 of the GodisaGeek.com Podcast continues with Episode 4! Guesting this week is staff writer Mark Bridle, here to talk about his Auditorium HD review and forthcoming Dead Nation and Gran Turismo 5 reviews! As usual, Asim, Calvin and Adam talk about what they’ve played this week including Pac-Man CE DX where Adam extoles […]

Kinectimals Review

by Adam Cookon November 29, 2010
Game: Kinectimals Developer: Frontier Developments Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Available on: Xbox 360 (Kinect required) Microsoft aren’t burying the lead with the launch lineup for Kinect, it’s obvious which demographic they are appealing to at the moment, with mini-game collections and fitness games ruling the roost.  Kinectimals hopes to hit the spot for all the […]