Krater’s Co-Op Mode Finally Dated

by Adam Cookon October 3, 2012
It feels like rather a while ago that we reviewed PC Indie Title, Krater, where we scored it 6/10 and suggested that it felt a little unfinished. Well, one of the reasons it felt that way was because the co-op mode wasn't included, instead, Fatshark were intending to release it as a free update later on.

Krater Review

by Ryan Sandreyon July 9, 2012
Krater, the Action-RPG from Fatshark, is now available and we got our hands on it. Find out what we thought with the review.

The Godcast: Season 4 Episode 25

by Adam Cookon June 25, 2012
Back to the regular format this week, Adam, Calvin, Lee and Ryan have lots of games to talk about, and plenty of news.

Visit Post-Apocalyptic Sweden in Old School RPG Krater, Out Now on Steam

by Tarak Fordon June 12, 2012
The vibrant yet deadly RPG Krater, is now available on Steam. To get you excited Fatshark have also released a brand-new launch trailer.