Laughing Jackal Bringing OMG HD Zombies to PS Vita

by Adam Cookon April 15, 2013
A game we looked at back in October 2012 on iOS (for Mobile Monday) is coming to PS Vita, in yet another show of indie support for the device, in what we're dubbing "Year of the Handheld".

Ghostlight Bringing JRPGs to PC via Greenlight

by James Bowdenon April 5, 2013
Agarest: Generations of War is Ghostlight's first attempt to launch a JRPG port on the PC, but it needs to get through Greenlight first.

Mobile Monday – OMG-Zombies!, Bubblanche, Cubixx, Cosmic Bump

by Martin Bakeron October 29, 2012
This week on Mobile Monday we’re taking a look at OMG-Zombies! from Laughing Jackal, Bubblanche from Sergey Evsyukov, Cubixx from Laughing Jackal and Cosmic Bump from Orca.

Mobile Monday – Hungry Giraffe, Aqua Kitty, Fuel Tiracas, Beats Slider

by Martin Bakeron October 15, 2012
This week in Mobile Monday, to celebrate the launch of PlayStation Mobile, we’re taking a look at Hungry Giraffe from Laughing Jackal, Aqua Kitty from Tikipod, and Fuel Tiracas and Beats Slider from FuturLab. Read the full reviews at

Laughing Jackal Are Bringing Hungry Giraffe to iPhone

by Colm Ahernon May 10, 2012
Developer Laughing Jackal's PS Mini, Hungry Giraffe, was such a roaring success, that the game will be seeing an iPhone version.

Hungry Giraffe To Come Out A Week Early

by Jon Baldieon January 27, 2012
Laughing Jackal have today announced that Mini Hungry Giraffe, will be coming to the European PSN store a week earlier than planned.

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Laughing Jackal Release First Footage of Hungry Giraffe

by Alex Wozniakon December 8, 2011
Developer Laughing Jackal have released the first gameplay footage from their upcoming PlayStation Mini title Hungry Giraffe. Still in the early stages of development, Hungry Giraffe sees you helping a giraffe grow his neck by collecting and eating a variety of snacks, whilst avoiding those items which would give the poor animal food poisoning. The […]