Nordic Games Unveil the Launch Trailer for We Sing Pop

by Martin Bakeron March 15, 2012
With the release of We Sing Pop just around the corner, we take a look at the launch trailer for the upcoming game. Check it out at

We Sing: Rock Review

by Sean Smithon December 7, 2011
Nordic Games seem to come out with another iteration of their We Sing franchise every other month; not that we're complaining though. Find out what we thought of their latest game, We Sing: Rock, with our review over at

We Sing UK Hits Review

by Sean Smithon October 25, 2011
Can Nordic maintain their impressive strike rate whilst giving us consumers the ability to mix it up in songs ranging from Rick Astley to Radiohead in We Sing UK Hits? Find out in our review!

We Sing Robbie Williams Review

by Adam Cookon November 30, 2010
Game: We Sing Robbie Williams Developer: Le Cortex Published By: Nordic Games Limited Available On: Nintendo Wii Only It’s music game season again people! With the releases of Singstar Guitar, Guitar Hero 38, Singstar Dance and Rock Band 3 it would appear music games are back, if they ever went away…which they didn’t! Nevertheless, a […]