Batman & Joker To Team Up In Arkham City?

by Asim Tanviron January 26, 2011
No, you’re not reading the title of this news post incorrectly. If a recently leaked trailer is to be believed, then it looks like the Dark Knight is set to team up with the Clown Prince of Crime in Arkham City. We’re not 100% sure if this trailer is legit, but it sure is mighty […]

L.A. Noire Release Date Revealed & Trailer #2 Leaked

by Asim Tanviron January 22, 2011
Remember that second L.A. Noire trailer that was supposed to be unveiled on January 24th? Well, we thought you should know that is has been leaked all over the lovely place we call the internet. It probably won’t be around for too long if the Take 2 and Rockstar Games ninjas have anything to do […]