Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros. Announce Back 4 Blood

by Gary Baileyon March 14, 2019
Creators of Left 4 Dead returning to the genre for a next-generation, co-op zombie FPS.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Coming to PS4 Next Month

by Gary Baileyon November 15, 2018
Beta available now.

9 game franchises that need reviving

by Gary Baileyon September 16, 2018
Back to the Future

Opinion: Is Split-Screen Dead?

by Robin Parkeron June 26, 2014
No split-screen is a bit mean.

RePlayed: Left 4 Dead 2

by Mick Fraseron April 28, 2014
Apocalypse now, please.

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Possible Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2 Clues Spotted By Sleuth-like Dota 2 Players

by Sean Smithon August 6, 2013
Before you ask...No, Half Life 3 wasn't there, too.

The Vault: Top Ten Apocalyptic Games

by Mary Gooddenon September 9, 2011
The apocalypse is something we all hope we will never experience, and yet the end of times fascinates us. Here is a list of the best, most terrifying and most imaginative interpretations of the apocalypse ever committed to pixels.

Impressive Trailer For New Zombie Game Dead Island

by Robin Parkeron February 17, 2011
This morning an intruiging and gruesome trailer for new Zombie Survival-Horror title Dead Island is sweeping through the online gaming community. The game is being developed by Techland – who are based in Poland and have previously worked on the Wild-West Call of Juarez shooter series and most recently off-road racing game Nail’d. The video has received a mixed response from […]