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This Weeks Nintendo Downloads Feature Caves & Grids

by Lee Garbutton January 21, 2013
Take a look at the goodies you can expect to download on the Nintendo eShop this week, including The Cave and Picross e2.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All Review

by Robin Parkeron September 24, 2012
Its lack of length does somewhat prevent it from becoming a must-have, but as a lower-price Arcade title, this can be somewhat forgiven. Fans who want to tax their brains and their reflexes will find plenty to enjoy here. Let's hope that this isn't the last Red Johnson game, as there are plenty more stories that could be told in this game world.

Developer Spotlight: Lexis Numerique

by Robin Parkeron September 14, 2012
GodisaGeek takes a look at up and coming French Developer Lexis Numerique, and speaks to them about their games - both new and old.

Adventure Game Fans Take Note – New Red Johnston Chronicle Launches Today

by Jonny Lewison September 12, 2012
Adventure games are a rare breed these days, that’s why it’s good to see a new Red Johnston game from French developer Lexis Numérique.

Orange & Lexis Numérique Attempts to Redefine Storytelling with Alt Minds

by Martin Bakeron August 3, 2012
Orange & Lexis Numérique Attempts to Redefine Storytelling with Alt Minds. Read the full news post at

Video Review: Amy

by Tony Windebankon January 22, 2012
Video review for Lexis Numerique's survival horror downloadable title, Amy.

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Amy Review

by Robin Parkeron January 19, 2012
Amy is a survival horror stealth video game, developed by VectorCell and published by Lexis Numérique. Here is the official review of the title.

First Look: Amy

by Tony Windebankon January 16, 2012
First Look returns to show you the first 15 minutes of the survival horror title on XBLA known as Amy. In glorious HD!

Lexis Numerique Confirm Release Date for their New Survival-Horror title Amy

by Robin Parkeron January 6, 2012
Lexis Numerique today announced the realesa date for their upcoming survival horror title AMY, releasing on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade (and PC later this year).