Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII Is Now a Louis Vuitton Model

by Mikhail Madnanion January 5, 2016
So you think you can pull off this choco..outfit?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Slashed Up To 50%

by Sean Smithon September 26, 2012
Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Slashed Up To 50%. Read the full news post at

Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Review

by Adam Cookon July 6, 2012
A commendable effort has been made to make sure Theatrhythm isn't just another music game. This is possibly the ultimate fan-service for Final Fantasy lovers, but also a unique take on a tired genre. If Square-Enix were to use the Theatrhythm moniker for other franchises, iterating upon the ideas they've come up with here, well that'd be just swell. Read the full review at

Two new platform-specific Trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2 released at the Tokyo Game Show

by Robin Parkeron September 20, 2011
Square Enix were among the bigs guns showing off their latest titles at the Tokyo Game Show, so it is no surprise to hear that a few Final Fantasy related videos surfaced at the event. With Final Fantasy XIII-2 – a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII – set for release early next year, the […]

New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screenshots & Artwork

by Asim Tanviron January 27, 2011
It’s only been a week since Square Enix unveiled the teaser trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2, but it seems like they want you all to keep the game at the forefront of your mind. Well, something like that anyway. Today, not only have they released two brand new screenshots, but they have gone a step […]