Alienware Announce Small Form Factor Gaming PC: Alienware X51

by Calvin Robinsonon January 18, 2012
Designed in-house, the Alienware X51 is touted as "the smallest desktop Alienware has ever created". The X51 is exciting because it's something Alienware have never attempted before. The idea behind this new model is to have the industry recognised high performance of an Alienware brand, in an affordable shell.

Alienware Announce New Gaming Laptops

by Calvin Robinsonon April 19, 2011
We we we so excited! Alienware just announced they’re updating two of their amazing gaming laptops, and announced two brand new models out of the blue… The M14x is tagged ‘The Most Powerful 14” Gaming Laptop in the Universe’ and is available immediately. The M18x is most likely going to be the most powerful laptop […]