Mafia II To Get A Director’s Cut

by Robin Parkeron March 31, 2011
Despite its disappointing sales figures and its relative failings with critics, 2K Games are releasing a new re-packaged version of their Godfather-em-up Mafia II across several formats, which will incorporate all of their previously-released DLC. There will be retail releases of; Mafia II: Director’s Cut on PC, Mafia II: Greatest Hits on PlayStation 3 and Mafia II: […]

Mafia II demo aims to make you an offer you can’t refuse

by Robin Parkeron July 23, 2010
2K Czech studios, who are producing the sequel to the 2002 hit game, will be delivering a Mafia II demo on August 10th. UK trade magazine MCV has featured an advert which nails down the date. The demo will be available across all platforms that the game is being developed for. There have however, been […]

Mafia II On PS3 Getting Exclusive DLC

by Niraj Shahon July 20, 2010
Upcoming game Mafia II will be getting exclusive DLC on the PlayStation 3. If you purchase the game, the case will include a voucher to download ‘The Betrayal of Jimmy’ DLC pack. Secondhand owners of the game will be able to purchase the DLC for $9.99 of the PlayStation Store.

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Mafia II: Art of Persuasion Trailer

by Aaron Sullivanon August 21, 2009
Just in case you are like me and need another Mafia II fix while waiting for the impending release of the game here it is straight from Gamescom 2009. The name of the trailer pretty much speaks for itself. So instead of hearing me rant I’ll let you all enjoy it.