Spider-Man: Edge of Time Preview

by Mark Bridleon April 20, 2011
Hanging upside down from the ceiling. Swinging between skyscrapers, hundreds of feet high. Easily scaling vertical surfaces. All in a day’s work for Spider-Man. You don’t survive for over forty years, spin-off a raft of alternate characters and star in Hollywood movies without offering something a little bit different. Spider-Man does that.

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Teaser Trailer

by Mark Bridleon April 4, 2011
God, we’re kind to you. Even though Activision and Beenox have only just announced this new Spider-Man game, now, in double-quick time, they have released a teaser trailer to show us all just how damn fancy it looks Here at God is a Geek we are damn fine people, so we have decided to throw […]

Re-Live 1980’s Football In Championship Manager 80’s Legends

by Robin Parkeron March 7, 2011
Time to grow back your old mullet, the 1980’s are back! Beautiful Game Studios, a developmer that is part of Square Enix Europe are commited to taking football fans back in time to an era of crazy haircuts and cheesy cup final songs. Following on from their already released Championship Manager 1970s Legends, the team […]

Championship Manager 2011 Review

by Mark Bridleon October 19, 2010
Game: Championship Manager 2011 Developer: Beautiful Game Studios Publisher: Square Enix Released On: iOS I posted a letter the other day, only it never got to it’s destination. When I went to the Post Office and asked why the intended recipient did not receive the letter they could not answer other than to say the […]