Debatable: EA Access is Good Value, PS Now is Not

by Colm Ahernon August 4, 2014
Wanting it Now will cost ya

Mirror’s Edge Sequel Confirmed at EA E3 Keynote

by Colm Ahernon June 10, 2013
Faith her own time

Mirror’s Edge 2 Support Page Appears on EA’s Site

by Colm Ahernon May 30, 2013
Publishers can't let retailers have all the fun

Mirror’s Edge 2 Coming To Xbox One?

by Ben Skipperon May 29, 2013
Another Amazon listing appears

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Has Mirror’s Edge 2 Just Been Revealed?

by Colm Ahernon November 21, 2012
former EA employee and current manager at Swedish developer ngmoco Ben Cousins, has tweeted about the potential existence of Mirror's Edge 2

Rumour: Battlefield Bad Company 3 & Mirror’s Edge 2 in Development

by Tarak Fordon May 16, 2012
A programmer has reportedly listed both Bad Company 3 and Mirror's Edge 2 on their CV, but can we really expected to see these titles anytime soon?

Mirror’s Edge 2 Project Shattered

by Robin Parkeron February 16, 2011
Publishing powerhouse Electronic Arts has announced the unfortunate news that it has cancelled production on Mirror’s Edge 2. They claimed that early prototypes of the game did not meet expectations, and also cited poor sales of the original game. The first title was critically well-received and an innovative, original property, but sales never took off and […]