Brock Lesnar UFC 4

Heavyweight legend Brock Lesnar to join roster in UFC 4

by Nicola Ardronon October 23, 2020
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MMA Fighter Georges St. Pierre Gets Physical in the Latest Sleeping Dogs Trailer

by Martin Bakeron July 6, 2012
When you're looking to fight pretty much all of Hong Kong, like it looks like you're going to be doing in Sleeping Dogs, it helps to have someone on staff who knows what they're doing. Enter Georges St. Pierre.

E3 2012: EA Sports Wrestle UFC License from THQ

by Robin Parkeron June 6, 2012
Electronic Arts have stolen the UFC license from under the noses of THQ, as EA Sports will now be making all future UFC games.

UFC Undisputed 3 Review

by Robin Parkeron February 14, 2012
THQ bring us the latest installment in their series of games from the Ultimate Fighting Championship with UFC Undisputed 3. Read the full review at

Bloody new Trailer for Supremacy MMA steps into the ring

by Robin Parkeron August 24, 2011
Forthcoming Mixed Martial Arts fighting title, Supremacy MMA, is looking to be the most brutal and over-the-top representation of the sport ever presented to gamers. Set in the no rules world of underground fighting, the game features both male and female combatants in the most hardcore fights you are likely to see on your home […]

New Screenshots Released For Supremacy MMA

by Martin Bakeron August 11, 2011
With all the problems that have been happening in the UK over the past few days you’ve probably got a little bit of anger stored up and ready to be unleashed; where better than in the virtual world. It’s almost time to unleash the beast within. International publisher 505 Games and developer Kung Fu Factory […]

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Supremacy MMA Coming To The PlayStation Vita

by Martin Bakeron July 28, 2011
Global videogame publisher 505 Games and Kung Fu Factory announced today that Supremacy MMA will break bones and smash faces on Sony’s next-gen portable platform, the PlayStation Vita this fall. Supremacy MMA for PS Vita will come packing exclusive content including new fighters, venues and features found only on the PS Vita, delivering all the […]

Supremacy MMA Introduces Malaipet “The Diamond” Sasiprapa With New Trailer

by Martin Bakeron July 8, 2011
International games Publisher 505 Games and Kung Fu Factory today released a new trailer showcasing the world-renowned Muay Thai fighter Malaipet “The Diamond” Sasiprapa, a fighter willing to risk it all in the bone-breaking action of Supremacy MMA, the most controversial and only MMA game available in 2011. Malaipet spent his early childhood on his […]

UFC Personal Trainer – Fitness Routines Approved By NASM

by Robin Parkeron June 24, 2011
As we get nearer to its release date, THQ are going all out to extoll the – tried and tested – fitness benefits of their forthcoming workout title – UFC Personal Trainer. With the help of a representative from NASM, the video explains how an effective workout regimen is put together, and how this has […]