Microsoft Announce Kinect Sales of 10 Million Units

by Robin Parkeron March 10, 2011
In more good news for the company, after the news back in January that the Xbox 360 Kinect accessory had become the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history, Microsoft have now announced that 10 million Kinect sensors have now been sold worldwide since release. In addition to the device itself, the new technology also helped […]

Kinect Sports Review

by Adam Cookon November 22, 2010
Game: Kinect Sports Developer: Rare Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Available On: Xbox 360 only (Kinect required) Microsoft have reportedly spent 500 million US dollars on advertising their new peripheral “Kinect”, a motion controller that requires no buttons, just  you.  The tagline “you are the controller” should be a great fit for a sports title. For […]

PlayStation Move Trailer

by Asim Tanviron March 11, 2010
To add to the news we posted earlier today about the PlayStation Move, we now bring you the official trailer. The trailer (which can be seen below) shows off Sony’s new motion controller aswell explaining to us how it will add a “new dimension” to PS3 gaming. Ah and while we’re here, we would also […]

SCEA: Arc is a “Code Name” for Motion Controller

by Niraj Shahon February 5, 2010
Despite some solid evidence that the motion controller from Sony will be called “Arc”, SCEA’s Patrick Seybold has said PlayStation Arc is a “rumored code name” for the upcoming motion controller. In a tweet, Seybold said, “We haven’t announced the name of our Motion Controller. He referred to it as a rumored code name.” “He” […]

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition Teaser

by Calvin Robinsonon October 3, 2009
Capcom has unleashed the direct feed teaser trailer for its upcoming Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition for your viewing pleasure. The footage depicts protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine skulking around the ominous Spencer Estate while reminiscing on the events of the original Resident Evil and avoiding the Umbrella founder’s ingenious traps.

PS3 Motion Control Coming Spring 2010

by Calvin Robinsonon August 24, 2009
Speaking to the Times Online at GamesCom, Sony head Kazuo Hirai confirmed that Sony’s answer to Microsoft’s Project Natal is set for a spring launch next year. The motion controller from Sony was originally announced at E3 in July this year. The device, which uses the PSEye to track 3D movement and accelerometer within the [...]