New Tracks Announced For Ubisoft Guitar Game Rocksmith

by Robin Parkeron June 2, 2011
Via their official Facebook page for the game, Ubisoft have announced a set of songs that will feature in the forthcoming Guitar game, Rocksmith. The game promises to help teach gamers how to play real guitars, as opposed to the 5-button imitations that were made popular by the Guitar Hero series. Through the use of […]

Ubisoft Game “Rocksmith” Will Teach You To Play The Guitar

by Robin Parkeron March 15, 2011
In a move that flies in the face of the recent trend to cut back in the poorly-performing music game section of the market, Ubisoft have today announced a new guitar title – Rocksmith. The game aims to teach players how to play a real, full-sized electric guitar. Labelling the title a “game with benefits”, […]