Interview: Mark Madsen, Global Brand Manager on Metro: Last Light

by Joe Bognaron June 12, 2012
GodisaGeek interviewed Mark Madsen, Global Brand Manager on Metro: Last Light. The survival focused FPS already looks like it's scheduled to arrive to your gaming stations. Read the full interview at

X-Men: Destiny Review

by Martin Bakeron October 11, 2011
The wait is finally over and X-Men: Destiny, the game that was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, is finally here and ready to played by a horde of eager comic fans and non-comic fans alike. The X-Universe has gotten a lot of stick over the recent years with what's been happening between the pages of the comic book, the move to San Francisco, the splitting up of certain key members of the team and the death of others, but can a video game set during this difficult time, for both the characters and readers al...