Gamescom 2010: Call of Duty Black Ops Impressions

by Calvin Robinsonon August 25, 2010
Being a huge Modern Warfare fan, my first stop at Gamescom 2010 had to be the Activision/Blizzard area. Myself and Asim went into the Black Ops booth with such high hopes…..not expectations, but hopes! As a gamer I really want Black Ops to offer me more of that Modern Warfare 2 goodness, but as a […]

Crackdown 2 Cracks the UK Charts

by Aryel Abrahamion July 12, 2010
Crackdown 2 stormed the charts last week knocking LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 off the top spot, checkout our review here. Not too surprising to see a AAA sequel take top spot, as a result LEGO Harry Potter and Red Dead Redemption drop a spot to number 2 and 3 respectively. 2010 FIFA World Cup South […]’s Wednesday WipeOut

by Aryel Abrahamion May 26, 2010 are holding a one day only sale today with a variety of products from their large catalogue, what stands out to us here at GodisaGeek  is some of the great gaming bargains on offer. First up we have God of War III for just £26.99, scoring a  whopping 9/10 in our review. This is a must […]

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack Detailed

by Asim Tanviron May 14, 2010
Just take a look at the news post below and you will see that a new map pack for Modern Warfare 2 was announced yesterday, officially titled “Resurgence Package”. Today, the map pack has been fully detailed. This new content will follow in the footsteps of the previously released “Stimulus Package”, which means it will […]

New Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack Coming Soon

by Asim Tanviron May 13, 2010
You just have to love Twitter, follow the right people and you get the latest news delivered to you instantly. Mr FourZeroTwo (aka Robert Bowling) from Infinity Ward has just tweeted that a brand spanking new map pack for Modern Warfare 2 is due to hit Xbox Live on June 3rd. The map pack, which […]

Modern Warfare 2 Mapathy Ad

by Aryel Abrahamion March 25, 2010
Suffering from “mapathy”? Well Activision really hope you are because on March 30th Xbox 360 owners will be able to purchase the stimulus pack for the steep price of 1200 MS points, especially when you take into account what is on offer. The pack includes three new maps and two maps taken directly from the original Modern […]

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Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Still at Large

by Asim Tanviron December 12, 2009
The Javelin glitch might have been patched yesterday but cheaters are still at large online with Modern Warfare 2. Ever been in a free-for-all game and wandered why within a minute or so someone has already unleashed a harrier strike or chopper gunner?! Well chances are you were in a room with a bunch of […]

Modern Warfare Patch v1.05 Now Available

by Niraj Shahon December 7, 2009
Another patch for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available for download. The patch improves the matchmaking system making it easier to find a well balanced match with an adequate number of players. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling announced the release of patch v1.05 via twitter, and also confirmed that patch v1.06 is in [...]

MW2 “Rocket Glitch” Gets Players Banned

by Aryel Abrahamion December 3, 2009
Been playing some Modern Warfare 2 lately? Seen any one exploding upon death? If your answer is yes then you may have fallen victim to the first notable glitch in Infinity Wards latest shooter. The glitch involves using a frag or Semtex grenade in conjunction with a rocket launcher which turns players in to “suicide […]