PlayStation 5 Coming Holiday 2020

by Gary Baileyon October 8, 2019
New controller details also teased

Thief Reboot Won’t Feature Competitive Multiplayer

by Lee Garbutton April 4, 2013
Next-gen game’s producer advises that they won’t follow Tomb Raider’s lead.

Five Things We’d Love to See from the Next Generation of Consoles

by Terry Lucyon January 6, 2012
We aren't going to go the obvious route of saying better graphics, bigger hard drives and so on. We fully expect those things. Those things are Murphy's Law, they are bound to happen. Instead, we pick out some of the features that we think will enhance the overall experience of our gaming and entertainment lives.

Motion Gaming’s Going Nowhere as Kinect 2 is Rumoured

by Colm Ahernon November 28, 2011
A source has told Eurogamer that Kinect 2 is in development & will be able to lip read, see players' emotions & determine the pitch of their voice. This comes off the back of speculation about the 360's successor.