Final Symphony II Concert Announced

by Mikhail Madnanion March 19, 2015
More arrangements from Final Fantasy live

Final Fantasy ‘Final Symphony Concert’ Album Now Available Worldwide

by Richard Simpsonon February 23, 2015
Orchestral Finality never sounded so Enchanting..

Nobuo Uematsu is at Abbey Road making a new Final Fantasy Album

by Nick Gillhamon December 15, 2014
He's collaborating with the London Symphony Orchestra

Final Fantasy Makes Top 20 On ClassicFM’s Hall of Fame, But That’s Not All

by Lee Garbutton April 10, 2012
Great news for fans of videogame music, as two shining examples of the genre make a splash on ClassicFM’s Hall of Fame 2012.

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The Vault: Top 10 Most Iconic Pieces of Videogame Music

by Lee Garbutton March 9, 2012
Music in videogames has come on leaps and bounds over the past few decades. We’ve gone from short, repeated chiptunes; to the lavish, fully-orchestrated, cinematic soundtracks we enjoy today. It is now easier than ever to buy gaming soundtracks, and it’s now even possible to see our favourite gaming themes played live. A group of […]

Game Music Fans, Vote In Classic FM’s Hall of Fame

by Lee Garbutton January 9, 2012
If you love video game music, why not help hijack Classic FM’s Hall of Fame and show the world that video game soundtracks matter in modern music!