Child Of Eden Synesthesia Trailer Ready To Blow Your Tiny Mind

by Mark Bridleon April 26, 2011
Every sound has a movement … every moment has a sound. They call it synesthesia. The science-inclined amongst you will know that not only is synesthesia a real thing (rather than made-up marketing gobble-dee-gook) but it actually the word used to describe the impression that you being stimulated through one of your senses, when actually […]

SSX Avalanche! Videos, Concept Art And Screenshots

by Mark Bridleon April 18, 2011
We have got the brand new ‘Making of’ video and screenshots of SSX for you today, so now you won’t be board at work. I’m sorry, that joke was snow bad. As was that one. You’ll have to excuse us, any SSX news is ten times more exciting than getting a day off work because […]

New SSX Slides Into View

by Mark Bridleon April 11, 2011
I love cheerful canadian folks. They always brighten my day. Particularly when a bunch of them are introducing a “Making Of” video about the upcoming game in one of the all time classic snowboarding series, SSX. It’s about time. SSX and SSX Tricky were two of the best games on the PS2 and the Xbox. […]

Spider-Man: Edge Of Time Teaser Trailer

by Mark Bridleon April 4, 2011
God, we’re kind to you. Even though Activision and Beenox have only just announced this new Spider-Man game, now, in double-quick time, they have released a teaser trailer to show us all just how damn fancy it looks Here at God is a Geek we are damn fine people, so we have decided to throw […]