Switch Re:Port Review #27: Okami HD, Overcooked! 2, and Crossing Souls

by Mikhail Madnanion August 8, 2018
This Re:Port Review looks at Okami HD, Crossing Souls, and Overcooked 2 on the Switch.

Podcast: Even we deserve a break (13/12/17)

by Chris Whiteon December 13, 2017
We got there, guys!

Okami HD Review

by Chris Whiteon December 11, 2017
A brush with beauty

Okami HD and The Cave Among PS Plus April Goodies

by Ben Skipperon March 22, 2013
When they announced PlayStation Plus in 2010 many wondered why Sony even bothered. Where would the value come from? Why would people pay?

Capcom Announce Okami HD for PlayStation 3, with added Move Controls

by Adam Cookon June 20, 2012
HD Remakes are a serious trend. A way to get people playing a game they've not experienced, or a chance to us oldies to play games we loved all over again, only with even more love and care lavished upon them.