£250m being invested into Nintendo theme park in Osaka

by Greg Hillon March 7, 2016
In partnership with Universal Studios.

London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games Review

by Robin Parkeron July 16, 2012
Here is the GodisaGeek review of the official game of the London 2012 Olympics by SEGA. Read the full review over at GodisaGeek.com.

First 10 Minutes: London 2012

by Adam Cookon July 8, 2012
SEGA have changed things up for the most recent Olympic video game, with London 2012, you are - or can be, if you want to - the controller, thanks to Kinect or PlayStation Move. But this video is just a short 10 minute burst, showing some running, swimming and shooting.

Retro Corner: Track & Field

by Robin Parkeron July 6, 2012
In the Retro Corner for June, Robin Parker takes a look back at 1987 Olympics sim Track & Field. Check out the full article at GodisaGeek.com

New Launch Trailer – SEGA lets You be a part of London 2012

by Robin Parkeron July 2, 2012
With the launch of the game at retail SEGA have released a new trailerand screenshots from their London 2012 Olympics tie-in game.

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SEGA Take us on a Virtual Tour of London 2012 Venues

by Robin Parkeron June 15, 2012
To build anticipation for the official London 2012 Olympics tie-in game, SEGA have released new trailers that show of the venues.

Sony Bringing BBC Sport App to PS3 and Connected Bravia TVs This Summer

by Jonny Lewison May 15, 2012
In what will be an exciting announcement to Sony wielding sports fans, Sony has teamed up with the BBC in the UK to offer a live streaming app in time for one of the biggest summers of sport on recent memory.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games 3DS Review

by Lee Garbutton February 23, 2012
SEGA bring their third instalment to the Mario & Sonic series to the Nintendo 3DS, for the first time on the system. Will it hold up to the button-mashers and joystick-wagglers of yesteryear. Read the full review at GodisaGeek.com.