Orcs Must Die! Unchained gets campaign mode, trap upgrades, and new maps

by Mikhail Madnanion February 10, 2016
Content updates like this must not die!

Release Dates for Orcs Must Die! Announced

by Martin Bakeron September 20, 2011
Robot Entertainment announced today the upcoming release dates for Orcs Must Die! on Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam (and other PC distribution platforms). Xbox players can massacre orcs by the thousands on October 5, 2011, and PC gamers on Steam can begin their murderous defense of rift fortresses on October 12, 2011. “The slaying hour […]

Orcs Must Die! Coming This Summer

by Martin Bakeron July 18, 2011
Robot Entertainment announced today that Orcs Must Die! will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PCs later this summer. The game will be playable at the upcoming 2011 San Diego Comic-Con which runs from July 21st to 24th. Robot Entertainment also announced that it has chosen Microsoft Studios to publish and distribute the game. […]