Dead or Alive 5 Pre-Order White Bunny Costume Revealed, Packshots too

by Adam Cookon July 27, 2012
Tecmo Koei have revealed some screenshots of what the White Bunny pre-order bonus will look like when worn by Hitomi, Ksumi and Leifang, as well as the longer awaited packshot for the title.

Iron Front – Liberation 1944 Packshot and Release Date Revealed

by Martin Bakeron March 16, 2012
Iron Front – Liberation 1944 Packshot and Release Date Revealed. To find out all the information, visit

New Birds of Steel Screenshots Released

by Adam Cookon February 6, 2012
Upcoming Konami published Flight Combat title Birds of Steel gets plenty of new assets released.

White Knight Chronicles II Will Include Previous Game On The Same Blu-Ray

by Adam Cookon April 11, 2011
Over on the official Sony Blog, there has just been some exciting news announced about upcoming sequel, White Knight Chronicles II. Not only have they revealed the packshots for both White Knight Chronicles II and the PSP title, White Knight Chronicles: Origins, but they also revealed that the original title will be included on the […]

World Snooker Championship Real 2011 Details Announced

by Adam Cookon January 21, 2011
Being British, we at love snooker almost as much as we love tea and crumpets, and it is because we love Snooker so much that the announcement of the details for Dark Energy Sports’ new World Snooker Championship Real 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC has us so excited! Due out in […]