WoW Cataclysm Beta – The Stonecore

by Aryel Abrahamion July 25, 2010
The Stonecore was recently made accessible to level 82 players and with our questing success which was shown on the live stream, we have been able to enter Deepholm and the Stonecore. The level 82-85 dungeon has caused some controversy on the Blizzard forums with some beta testers complaining that the dungeon is “over tuned”, whilst others such as […]

WoW: Cataclysm Class Blow-Out

by Aryel Abrahamion July 1, 2010
The secret alpha is over and the NDA has been lifted,  the floodgate to juicy Cataclysm news is well and truly open. MMO-Champion has been preparing for this day with a bevy of information including new class skills, spells, and talents available on their site. Checkout the latest additions to your favourite class by clicking the […]