Pandora’s Tower Review

by Sean Smithon May 10, 2012 take a look at one of the latest RPG's to come out of Japan, the hotly anticipated Pandora's Tower. Check out the full review at

Pandora’s Tower Pre-Launch Trailer Revealed

by Tarak Fordon March 22, 2012
2012 is looking like being a pretty baron year for the Wii, with its successor apparently primed and ready to go at some point in the next 8 or so months. However European gamers may still have something to look forward with the release of Pandora's Tower.

The Wii RPG Onslaught Continues With Pandora’s Tower

by Lee Garbutton February 29, 2012
Yet another RPG is being released for Wii, and this one will also be getting a Limited Edition.

Nintendo Announces Pandora’s Tower, New Action RPG for Wii

by Benjamin Maltbieon February 14, 2012
Nintendo reveals details on Pandora's Tower, an action RPG complete with motion controls, dungeon crawling and multiple endings. Featuring new game plus, a wealth of items and an epic tale of romance, this game seems custom tailored for the JRPG crowd.