New Graffiti Mode Revealed In Free-To-Play Parkour Racing Game FreeJack

by Martin Bakeron April 21, 2011
Game Bridger Entertainment, a global publisher of interactive online entertainment media and the proprietor of the GamerKraft global free-to-play gaming portal, released today a teaser trailer unveiling an upcoming new mode for its parkour racer, FreeJack. The new mode will be released as part of FreeJack’s full release in May 2011. Graffiti mode is a […]

Mirror’s Edge 2 Project Shattered

by Robin Parkeron February 16, 2011
Publishing powerhouse Electronic Arts has announced the unfortunate news that it has cancelled production on Mirror’s Edge 2. They claimed that early prototypes of the game did not meet expectations, and also cited poor sales of the original game. The first title was critically well-received and an innovative, original property, but sales never took off and […]