Third Party Wii U Pro Controller Gives Nod to the SNES

by Colm Ahernon October 16, 2012
EB Games, an Australian games retailer, has listed a third party controller for the Wii U that takes inspiration from SNES.

Wii Balance Board Breaks Records, Makes Money, Weighs People

by Lee Garbutton January 10, 2012
Nintendo have entered a Guinness World Record for their phenomenal success with the Wii Balance Board peripheral, and have sold a shedload of copies of Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus.

Mad Catz Ship Co-Branded Xbox 360 & Tritton Stereo Headset

by Lee Garbutton January 10, 2012
Mad Catz, purveyors of quality console peripherals; have shipped the Primer – A Wireless Stereo headset for Xbox 360.

Mad Catz F.P.S. Pro Wired Gamepad Review

by Sean Smithon January 5, 2012
In need of a new controller for your Xbox 360? Want something that has the chance of giving you that edge you've been looking for? How about the F.P.S. Pro from Mad Catz? Check out the review right here now.

Nintendo Announces Circle Pad Pro & Resident Evil: Revelations Coming on the Same Day

by Colm Ahernon November 30, 2011
Nintendo have announced that the 3DS attachment that will give users a second circle pad, Circle Pad Pro, will launch will Resident Evil: Revelations on 27th January 2012.

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Mario Kart 7 Gets a New Peripheral and Earns You Vouchers!

by Colm Ahernon November 29, 2011
Mario Kart 7 releases 2nd December with 32 courses and all your old favourite characters and 4 new ones! It's been announced that a new steering wheel peripheral will be available. Along with that, GAME are running a special Mario Kart 7 promotion between 2nd-4th December where you can win GAME vouchers and a trip to Italy!

Introducing The Razer Naga Epic: Get Imba [Again]!

by Aryel Abrahamion October 13, 2010
The Razer Naga has changed many a gamers life since its launch back in 2009, boasting the best MMO capabilities of any mouse on the market. The Naga is not just a great MMO mouse, it is a first class gaming device and it is about to get even better.┬áRazer have taken the Naga a […]