Persona 4 Golden PC review

by Mick Fraseron June 13, 2020
School'd out

Saint & Greensie Episode 57

by Colm Ahernon March 27, 2013
On this week's episode of everyone's favourite comedy gaming podcast Saint & Greensie, the lads discuss the silent protagonist.

Persona 4 Golden Review

by Sean Smithon February 1, 2013
Not just one of the best role playing games of the year, but one of the best ever made.

NISA Releasing 2 JRPGs – Persona 4 Golden & Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

by Sean Smithon January 22, 2013
Persona 4 The Golden is the absolutely mind blowing PS Vita port of the classic Shin Megami Tensei spinoff originally released for the PlayStation 2.

A Persona 4 Musical is in the Works

by Colm Ahernon December 30, 2012
A musical based on the terrific Persona 4 is being worked on by brother/sister writing duo.