Wargaming.net Announce Details Of World Of Warplanes’ Economics

by Martin Bakeron July 15, 2011
Wargaming.net today announced details of the economic system for the upcoming flight combat MMO World of Warplanes. The new game recently announced at E3, will have the same economic profile as the highly-acclaimed World of Tanks, with Gold, Credits, and Experience as main currency to gain and spend for continued advancements. World of Warplanes will […]

World Of Tanks Will Soon Be Available In Retail Stores

by Martin Bakeron June 28, 2011
Wargaming.net today announced their partnership with Interactive Gaming Software publisher (IGS) on the distribution of the highly popular free-to-play MMO game World of Tanks through commercial networks. The essential benefit of this partnership is the strong relationships with retailers across the United States gained by IGS. World of Tanks will be offering special boxed editions […]

Free PvP Mode For Magicka Is Now Live!

by Martin Bakeron June 22, 2011
The mages of Paradox Interactive are proud to announce that the PvP mode is live, free, and available online. If you are the unfortunate owner of a conscience that prevents you from retaliating against your friends when they “accidentally” explode your head, your chance to seek sweet revenge in one of Magicka’s sanctioned arenas is […]

Create Your Own Star Trek Online Missions With The Foundry

by Martin Bakeron April 2, 2011
Have you ever sat down with an MMO, played a few quests and thought “I think I could have made a quest better than that”? If you have, and you play Cryptic Studios and Atari’s MMO Star Trek Online, then you’ve got a chance to put your money where your mouth is with the release […]