God Is A Geek Podcast – Season 2 Episode 10

by Adam Cookon March 6, 2011
Once again we bring your the regular GodisaGeek Podcast, featuring Asim Tanvir, Adam Cook, Calvin Robinson and this week joining the regular gang is writer Mark Bridle! Asim is just back from a press event for WWE All Stars and spills the beans about it whilst Adam discusses the finer points of non team players […]

PixelJunk Shooter 2 – Survivor Files Videos

by Adam Cookon February 27, 2011
The Q-Games “PixelJunk” series has been really quite succesful, with some excellent downloadable titles for the PlayStation Network such as Eden, Racers, Monsters and of course, Shooter. The release of PixelJunk Shooter 2 is just around the corner, and Q-Games have decided to release a rather strange series of videos, entitled the survivor files.

Sony Boasts Platform Exclusives for 2011!

by Tony Windebankon January 10, 2011
Over at the official PlayStation blog today, Sony have been showing off their rather impressive portfolio for 2011. Twenty new and exclusive titles will be coming to the PlayStation 3 over this year, some new and some follow-ups to some of the best titles that the console has to offer. This can only mean two […]