Kickstarted Microconsole GameStick Gets Global Release Date

by Matt Suckleyon September 12, 2013
A pocket-sized nail in OUYA's coffin?

Opinion: Android Consoles – Are These the Droids We’re Looking For?

by Martin Bakeron March 26, 2013
The first thing that needs to be addressed when talking about the upcoming Android Consoles is what exactly an 'Android Console' is.

PlayJam Partner with Pivos to bring XBMC to GameStick

by Martin Bakeron March 26, 2013
When PlayJam placed their GameStick onto Kickstarter, and the device started to gain traction, there was one thing that people wanted the company to include alongside the games more than anything else; the ability to play other types of media.

Playjam Release New Images of GameStick Console

by Adam Cookon February 20, 2013
Playjam have just sent us over a nice selection of images for their new console, the GameStick.

GameStick Closes With a Grand Total of 648% Funding

by Martin Bakeron February 1, 2013
If you've been following the world of gaming over the last few weeks, especially the world of Kickstarter funded gaming projects, then you'll have no doubt come across the GameStick.

GameStick Reveal Their Latest Design – Inspired by Kickstarter Community

by Martin Bakeron January 29, 2013
If you follow some of the more impressive Kickstarter campaigns then you will have no doubt heard of the GameStick, a device that promises to bring "affordable gaming to the big screen".

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GameStick Reaches Kickstarter Goal in a Mere 30 Hours

by Colm Ahernon January 4, 2013
"The World's Most Portable TV Games Console" has reached in Kickstarter goal. GameStick has surpassed its $100,000 target, already.

The World’s Most Portable TV Games Console, GameStick, Begins Kickstarter

by Colm Ahernon January 2, 2013
PlayJam, spearheads in smart TV gaming, are looking to get GameStick funded on Kickstarter