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Grand Theft Auto III | Random Access Memories

by Mick Dohertyon July 29, 2019
This is a Love Media station. Enjoy!

Celebrating 15 years of Silent Hill 2

by Gary Baileyon September 24, 2016
Horrific perfection

PlayStation 2 Emulation Coming to PS4

by Chris Whiteon November 22, 2015
For the player.

Relive PS2 Memories With Massive Sale, Beginning Today

by Colm Ahernon July 10, 2013
Okami, MGS, Twisted Metal and more!

Evolution of PlayStation – Sony Chronicles Their Console History with Some Lovely Videos

by Colm Ahernon February 18, 2013
Coming up to February 20 and PlayStation Meeting 2013, Sony have been posting some videos of the Evolution of PlayStation.

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The Godcast: Season 5 Episode 20

by Advertorial - Paid Placementon January 28, 2013
Joining us for a long overdue debut appearance, Jonny jumps on this week's Godcast to tease us over the fact he's played the first four hours of BioShock Infinite.
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PlayStation 2 is Officially Done After Nearly 13 Years

by Colm Ahernon January 7, 2013
After nearly 13 years, the console that defined an era - PlayStation 2, has been laid to rest as worldwide manufacture has stopped.

Sony Has Stopped Japanese Shipments of the PlayStation 2

by Colm Ahernon December 29, 2012
The PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 and has sold over 150m worldwide. Yesterday, Sony stopped shipments to Japanese retailers.