Examine The Sound And Art Of Rage

by Robin Parkeron August 12, 2011
The final behind-the-scenes RAGE video is here, as id Software show us how they put together The Sound and Art. The video looks at how the sound effects, music and voice-over work marries up with the environmental design to create a believable gameworld. The video even features Hollywood actor John Goodman (The Big Lebowski, Rosanne) […]

Get Ready To Meet The Enemies In RAGE

by Robin Parkeron July 29, 2011
If you have been following GodisaGeek for sometime, you will know that we are all very excited about the new upcoming first-person shooter from id Software, RAGE. After seeing a sneak preview at the Eurogamer Expo last year, and getting some hands-on preview time with the title at E3, it is clear that this is […]