GodisaGeek Podcast – Season 2 Episode 14

by Adam Cookon April 4, 2011
It’s Monday morning, which can only mean one thing! Yes! It’s GodisaGeek Podcast time! Adam, Calvin, Robin and Tony have been playing rather a lot of games (especially Robin!) and they are going to tell you all about them!  They also introduce part one of a new semi-regular podcast feature called “Reasons to be Cheerful”, […]

PlayStation Move Heroes Review

by Tony Windebankon March 31, 2011
Game: PlayStation Move Heroes Developer: Nihilistic Software Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Available on: PlayStation 3 only Sony’s motion controller, the PlayStation Move, has been out for some time now, and whilst nobody could question the tech behind it, there hasn’t been a huge selection of titles to pick from. After the initial influx of launch […]

Sony Boasts Platform Exclusives for 2011!

by Tony Windebankon January 10, 2011
Over at the official PlayStation blog today, Sony have been showing off their rather impressive portfolio for 2011. Twenty new and exclusive titles will be coming to the PlayStation 3 over this year, some new and some follow-ups to some of the best titles that the console has to offer. This can only mean two […]