Live The Life Of An Undercover Investigator In Sleeping Dogs’ latest Developer Walkthrough

by Ryan Sandreyon August 2, 2012
If you’re still undecided on United Front Games and Square Enix’s upcoming game Sleeping Dogs, then perhaps the latest developer walkthrough, showcasing the police investigations, will tempt you.

New L.A. Noire Screenshots: The Art of Interrogation

by Tony Windebankon January 17, 2011
Here at God is a Geek HQ, we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Team Bondi and Rockstar Games 1940’s detective caper, L.A. Noire. It also seems like they enjoy releasing new screenshots of the game on a regular basis. Thankfully, today is no exception! Once again, the screenshots show off the games, quite frankly, […]

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – Power Struggle

by Asim Tanviron November 8, 2010
As you might well know, there is a bit of a Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit related “Power Struggle “ going on thanks to the creative folk over at EA and Criterion Games. Seacrest County Police Department has some new recruits in the form of the Urban Music Award winning Roll Deep and they are […]

Power Struggle – The Ultimate Hot Pursuit

by Asim Tanviron November 4, 2010
We know all you wannabe cops and racers out there are eagerly awaiting the release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, but what if you could be involved in an actual high speed pursuit? Well, unfortunately you can’t (bit too dangerous really), but during their Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit day, the creative folk over […]