Wireless charging tops the list of most-wanted mobile features

by Greg Hillon February 19, 2016
The cable is dead, long live the cable.

Xbox LIVE – The People’s Choice Royal Wedding Dress Revealed!

by Martin Bakeron April 11, 2011
Ever since we posted the original news post about the light-hearted poll to choose Kate and Wills’ wedding attire, we’re sure you’ve been waiting with bated breath to here what the results would be. The wait is finally over! With worldwide fascination and speculation over what the future princess will wear on her much anticipated […]

New Xbox LIVE Poll – Dress The Bride & Groom

by Martin Bakeron March 29, 2011
From today, Xbox LIVE members will be able to take part in a lighthearted poll entitled ‘Dress the Royal Bride and Groom’ in which they will be able to vote on a selection of wedding outfits for the Royal Couple. Accessible through a slate on the dash until April 1st, we are encouraging both free […]